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Sperm of the Devil

Hi guys.  I am rushing off to a festival with all the family apart from Alfie, who is partying with his mates after results day.  Just thought I would check in with the blog and assure everyone I have not forgotten them, I have just been in a whirl.

Drove up to Glasgow with Tabby and her friend Matt and found a wonderful flat for next year, right in the centre of town next door to three pubs.  Stayed with my lovely cousin which was a real treat.  Tabby has been reading the ‘There is a Cure for Diabetes’ book and is on a vegan juicing diet.  She’s become a bit of a fanatic, squeezing muslin bags of almond mylk and dehydrating carob granola.  Alfie’s friend Patton came round and asked where the sugar was, for his tea.  Tabby stared at him in spasm and cried, ‘Sugar is the Sperm of the Devil!’

The only sugar anyone can find in our house is an old lump of molasses which Treacle keeps getting out of the cupboard and leaving out on the gravel.  It looks like a large black turd.  If you scrape away at it you can get just enough for a sweet cuppa I think.

Bash wants everyone to understand that having a kitty is not always like this:


But can be like this:


We also wanted you to see this one of the wild Ithacat:

imagewho, as you can see, is having a massive laugh.

We all love her, even Fred.  He knows now, by the way.  He was saying how hard it was to get her off the loggia roof and I said ‘Yeah, in Greece she climbed a tree and….’  Oops.  I slammed my hand against my mouth but it was too late.  He asked how much it cost and I gave him a figure roughly a fifth of the true cost.  Luckily, as we know, he doesn’t read the blog, so he will never know this.  He he.  I said to him,  ‘Look Fred, if it was a big Greek man I had brought back clandestinely, then you might have cause to worry.  Come on, it’s only a kitty.’

Anyway, other than that, no news really apart from there is another Gin Club up if you want to read about Stortford’s most dangerous pub, the Black Lion!   Please leave a comment at the bottom of the article about what your choice of funeral song would be, if you have time.

Grampa is coming for what he calls his ‘work experience!’ looking after the animals.  No time to edit:  we are off now with Aunty Penny, to Shambala for four days of fun!  Byeee.


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